My most recent accomplishment in life has been learning to give my peeps a high-five.  It was rather easy to pick up, only took me three days to nearly perfect this gesture.  All I have to do is sit on my back legs and high-five my mom with my paw and I get praises and cookies and love, love, love and more love!  Silly, simple humans.  But they love it so I try to always oblige them when they ask me for a high-five.  On another note, check out how cool I am.



it's JB bitch

SO, after my summer haitus, I am back.  Kinda, we will see how long this lasts. Anyways, I hope this summer found you all well...I myself had a damn good time, although I do not appreciate this August heat.  I am still the same ol' Junebug, beautiful and intelligent...not much has changed in the past four months, other than my increasing waistline.  No worries there though, it just means I am thoroughly enjoying myself.  Daily life around the house is the same, my mother is still chasing me around screaming 'Juneyyyy Bear the most beautiful girl in the wuuuuuuld' in this god awful voice so in that regard, not much has changed.  There has been an addition to the family, much to my dismay but nonetheless, Crew Bear Jones is our newest edition.  A spritely yet socially awkward black and white cocker spaniel is the newest member of the fam.  He is not a new face though, he is my aunt's dog but when she had her baby aka Davis Lee aka DLR aka MY FAVORITE PLAY PAL EVER, Crew became a bit jealous of the attention so now he is ours.  Which means now not only do I have to share my queen sized bed with not only my mother (who is a total cover hog) and  my archnemesis Angel the Devil cat, but also CREW!  It is getting very cramped, my mother actually told me to get off the bed the other night....ME! MOI! For christ's sake...I thought I was in the middle of a dream.  It is just madness, plain madness.  That has been quite a hitch in the ol' giddy-up if you know what I mean.  But luckily, on all other regards, Crew is a pretty cool cat (as in male species, not..ew...feline), so for that I am thankful.  My world can only handle a certain amount of change.  I must be on my way, dinner will be ready any minute and I'll be damned if I miss one drop of kibble.

Peace and Love my little love ones, peace and love



My least favorite thing

Veterinarians are the scariest of people.  I was just recently there and they stuck this needle in my shoulder and poked and prodded around my ears.  Worst of all they put me on the scale.  I have had quite a winter and may have indulged a little, give me a break!  I came outta there with a yeast infection in my ears and my dignity a bit wounded.  Worst of all I heard my mom make ANOTHER appointment for this friday!  Never, ever take your dogs to the vet.  Please, I am begging you, save them even though I can't be.  Leave me behind, for those humans to analyze and poke, vaccinate and squeeze.  Also, please contact my mother and persuade her to give up on this whole vet business.   She won't listen to me but maybe you all can get through to her!  wish me luck on my next appointment....



Let's play catch up

I've been a very busy bee but I have missed you oh so much!


Im Baaaack, with a Hunk o' the month!

Simba aka Simba Sue, Susan B...

This stud of a canine has been a friend of mine for about a year now.  A shepard/golden mix, this little ragamuffin wiggles his way right into your heart.  Simba loves his mama very dearly, woman's best friend indeed.  Simba's likes: laser pointers, squeaky toys, laser pointers, belly rubs, his mama, laser pointers, a good romp in the field, and yes laser pointers!  Always dressed in bella beans finest and ready for a good time, this hunk is any bitches dream. (tee-hee).  Be warned though, he is K-State fan, but of course no one is perfect. Unless you're me:)



bah boom bug...

happy monday!  nothing can lift one's spirits like a jolly old retriever, especially ones named boomer.  this dog is one big fluffy happy pill. enjoy love loves!

xoxo JB


spring, summer, come hither...

I know everyone is with me when I say I am SO OVER this winter!  Now, don't get me wrong because I love love love to play in the snow, but it gets old after the first gazillion times!  My poor paws get so cold, and little snowballs get stuck between my toes. All the lakes and rivers are frozen so I can't go swimming, which is my number one favorite activity.  I just dream of the days of green grass, warm sunshine, grasshoppers, birds...ah, it is just too depressing.  It is basically March and it is EIGHT degrees outside!  I am not a happy junebug, nope siree.  I have hit my limit on winter and I am praying! for a swift return of sunny days and warm sunshine.  Riding in the car with the windows down, hours at the dog park, swimming in the neighborhood fountains (shh...don't tell the home owners), laying on the back porch catching some rays, splashing in my swimming pool.  I mean come on!  It doesn't get much better than those lazy, hazy days of summer.  



Im Baaaack!

Hello my fellow buggers!  This past week has been a whirlwind of events, and I am so sorry I have left you all in the dark!  My ear issues really threw me through a loop and then my cousin Davis turned ONE year old this week!  Between odds and ends in between those events, I have neglected my blog duties.  I think the best way to catch everyone up is through a little photographic journey, whattya say?

"mom my ear huwwwts!"
cousin davis turns 1! 2/16/10
traded in daycare for afternoon walks with mom!
night time cookie without the chat...
Party time for the Birthday Boy!
need help with that Davis?
"mom, stop...

Whoever thought giving my mom camera was a good idea, well I just straight up do not trust your judgement.


ps.  i won't keep you waiting again my dears!


Dreadful news...

I have come down with an ear infection...my first major illness of my life :(  i am fairing well and I am in good spirits but there is something nasty going on in my ear.  Unfortunately I have to stay home from work tomorrow too, I know my mom needs all the help she can get out there but I know she won't take it personally.  I hope all of you, my little bugs, are feeling much better than I am and hopefully when I blog next I will be 100% and back at it.  Until then, look how sad and pathetic and adorable I am....


ps...send me some love people!


My favorite things...

Part Deux of my favorite things is my FAVORIIIITE new toy my mommy bought me a few weeks ago.  It is called a dental dino, its a chew toy from nylabone and it is just the bomb dig.  I chew on this little nugget all day long, and I guess it's good for my teeth too, which makes my mom happy.  It is currently my favorite activity behind sleeping and getting belly rubs, so you know it's for real.  Luckily, for everyone, my mom has taken a mini photoshoot of me in action.  

get it girl

grrrr dino grrrr

so cute, tots must have

You can tell from the pics the dental dino is totally a hot item for spring '10.  Any girl in the canine world should not be without this item.  A) its so cute B) totally brightens the smile all while being fun too:)



afternoon nap

daily afternoon snoOozzZZze...life is rough



Hunk O' The Month


For those of you who know Boomer, he was the obviously first choice for Hunk O' the Month.  Boomer is my older brother and is probably the most laid back dog you will ever meet.  Boomer loves long walks in the field, a nice yellow tennis ball to shred, vegetables (I'm not joking), popcorn, a good snooze on the couch and last but not least, a nice long belly rub.  Boomer grunts when he is pet and has perfected the art of begging during his 12 years of life.  I hear it is actually impossible not to give him some of your food...I am trying to learn his ways, but patience is not one of my virtues.  He is a ball of love and fluff and could turn even the biggest non believer into a dog lover if given a chance.  So without further ado, I give you...Boomer!

Boomer in his natural habitat

happy as a clam

happy as a clam pt. 2

car ride!

breaching retriever?

I hope you love Boomer now ALMOST as much as you love me!:)

xoxo JB


night time cookie chat

I have been a bit absent lately, please forgive me!  I have been just so busy this week.  I have gone to daycare three times, been on one two mile jog, eaten about 20 cookies, slept about 8900 hours and also i have to get my kiss quota in line for the week! Luckily this week is almost over because I am WIPED out.  My mom has me on this new fish oil stuff because my skin is so dry. Yuck (about my skin)!  The fish oil is to die for, i lick my bowl clean!  I would definitely recommend it for any of my canine companions because it is delicious and nutritious, like flinstone vitamins:)  I also have been helping my mom with her chemistry workload...she studies, i snuggle, its a pretty fair trade off...I am at least pleased with it.  I have lots of fun ideas I would like to do with my blog, one thing i am really excited for is my Hunk O' The Month posts that i hope to have up and running this weekend...it will be a spotlight on all the male dogs in my world (so if you would like your dog to be a 'hunk' e-mail my mom your pic!)I already have a Hunk lined up for the first edition and I am pretty excited about it.  My day off from daycare is tomorrow (thank god, those dogs are crazy and its MY job to make sure they don't get outta line) so hopefully i can get a head start on that.  On another note...look how pretttty I am!

nighty night my little bugs!




i have been tres busy lately so i shall just leave you a beautiful picture of moi until i can get my intellectual posts back in order...



beauty sleep

this is the kind of weekend i have been having...


New Bling...

Okay, so I am officially in the market for a new collar for spring '10.  Bella Bean's collection has won me over...now I must decided between my favorite two...

Whoo wants a walk? - Bella Bean


I would love to get some feedback from you guys on your favorite of the two!
PS don't tell my mommy I was on here, I'm still grounded:)



Bad Girl June

Unfortunately, my mother has revoked my computer privileges due to the incident concerning my consumption of an entire brand new box of treats my mother brought home for me.  Sometimes I just can't help myself...

Until later...


Please adopt, I was!

Below is a pretty sad article about how when most people look to add a furry friend, majority do not go to animal shelters.  Lots of shelters house pure-breed dogs, so if you are looking for a specific breed, please look at your local shelters first before going to a breeder.  And under NO circumstances buy from a pet store, its EXPENSIVE and you are supporting a terrible industry.  Puppy mill puppies typically go hand in hand with a huge vet bill as well. My mommy adopted me and I think I am a pretty good catch, wouldn't ya say?  So please educate yourself



My favorite things...

Since I am a well cultured  canine, I thought it would be helpful to those you who have dogs to know what we want as dogs.  I am a simple creature, I only require a abundance of love from anyone I come into contact with, about 15 toys (to be immediately replaced upon de-sqeaking or loss of stuffing), the finest of dog food and treats and doggy daycare about four times a week, and a nice walk or jog the other three days.  Luckily for my mom, I get the daycare free.  So, for my first favorite thing I have chosen my favorite salt lick of all...a BABY! More specifically, my cousin Davis.  If your dog does not have a baby, find one STAT!  They are awesome because they are messy at meal time and spill half their food on the ground, Davis even likes to offer me his delectable treats.  Babies skin is also in perfect condition for a great licking, but you aren't supposed to slobber on them, so you must sneak these in as often as possible to take full advantage.  Davis also loves me, so if he is ever upset and I give him a kiss, he is instantly giggling again.  This also fulfills one of my main duties as a dog, making sure EVERYBODY loves me and is in a good mood, and if a Junebug kiss is all it takes,  I am happy to oblige. 



It's me, Junebug!

I am situated comfortably on my mother's bed, just finishing up with my night time snack. What a perfect time to write my first entry! I am very new at this thing (the blog, not the computer...I've been facebooking for months now) so you will have to bear with me. I would like to thank my dear friend Lara for giving me the inspiration to create this blog. I have wanted to for sometime now, but I didn't have the courage or the know how. Anyways, this blog will help everyone stay up to date with their favorite golden retriever, me, Junebug Allard. I am a sweet little treat filled with lots of love and I cannot wait to share my world with all of you. May it be my favorite plush toy of the month, or my boyfriend of the week, or how friggin' awesome my mom is! So please enjoy this delightful insight in my life, because it's a dog world and you just live in it.