My least favorite thing

Veterinarians are the scariest of people.  I was just recently there and they stuck this needle in my shoulder and poked and prodded around my ears.  Worst of all they put me on the scale.  I have had quite a winter and may have indulged a little, give me a break!  I came outta there with a yeast infection in my ears and my dignity a bit wounded.  Worst of all I heard my mom make ANOTHER appointment for this friday!  Never, ever take your dogs to the vet.  Please, I am begging you, save them even though I can't be.  Leave me behind, for those humans to analyze and poke, vaccinate and squeeze.  Also, please contact my mother and persuade her to give up on this whole vet business.   She won't listen to me but maybe you all can get through to her!  wish me luck on my next appointment....