My most recent accomplishment in life has been learning to give my peeps a high-five.  It was rather easy to pick up, only took me three days to nearly perfect this gesture.  All I have to do is sit on my back legs and high-five my mom with my paw and I get praises and cookies and love, love, love and more love!  Silly, simple humans.  But they love it so I try to always oblige them when they ask me for a high-five.  On another note, check out how cool I am.



it's JB bitch

SO, after my summer haitus, I am back.  Kinda, we will see how long this lasts. Anyways, I hope this summer found you all well...I myself had a damn good time, although I do not appreciate this August heat.  I am still the same ol' Junebug, beautiful and intelligent...not much has changed in the past four months, other than my increasing waistline.  No worries there though, it just means I am thoroughly enjoying myself.  Daily life around the house is the same, my mother is still chasing me around screaming 'Juneyyyy Bear the most beautiful girl in the wuuuuuuld' in this god awful voice so in that regard, not much has changed.  There has been an addition to the family, much to my dismay but nonetheless, Crew Bear Jones is our newest edition.  A spritely yet socially awkward black and white cocker spaniel is the newest member of the fam.  He is not a new face though, he is my aunt's dog but when she had her baby aka Davis Lee aka DLR aka MY FAVORITE PLAY PAL EVER, Crew became a bit jealous of the attention so now he is ours.  Which means now not only do I have to share my queen sized bed with not only my mother (who is a total cover hog) and  my archnemesis Angel the Devil cat, but also CREW!  It is getting very cramped, my mother actually told me to get off the bed the other night....ME! MOI! For christ's sake...I thought I was in the middle of a dream.  It is just madness, plain madness.  That has been quite a hitch in the ol' giddy-up if you know what I mean.  But luckily, on all other regards, Crew is a pretty cool cat (as in male species, not..ew...feline), so for that I am thankful.  My world can only handle a certain amount of change.  I must be on my way, dinner will be ready any minute and I'll be damned if I miss one drop of kibble.

Peace and Love my little love ones, peace and love